Chem Tek Series

Size Range 2" - 12"
Pressure Rating:
1 1/2" - 12": 200 PSI
14" - 24": 175 PSI
BUNA Seat: 200 WOG
EPDM Seat: 200 WOG
VITON Seat: 200 WOG
PTFE Seat: 150 WOG
·Semi-Lug Body Design Crossover
from Wafer to Lug. All Valves Have
Four Drilled and Tapped Lugs
·Ideal for Exact Alignment
·Lighter Weight than Full Lug Bodies
·Lower Cost than Full Lug Bodies
·Easy Assembly and Maintenance
·Ease of Maintenance as Valves can
Remain in Piping Systems when One
Side of the Piping is Removed

Max-Seal Butterfly Valves & Controls

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